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Unlock your full potential with our team of expert personal trainers. St Thomas Health Club is the perfect place to work with a trainer for weight loss, muscle gain, and injury rehabilitation/prevention.

Our trainers are dedicated to helping you achieve your fitness goals with personalized plans and proven success stories. From training, nutrition, and lifestyle changes, discover how our trainers can guide you toward your best self today.



"I thought I was just getting old and I knew everything there was to know in the gym until St Thomas Health Club Trainers showed me how to eat and train right.. I got to eat more, train less. You have to do training with the St Thomas Health Club!"   

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1 Silver St, St Thomas

 ON N5P 4L8

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Experience the ultimate in personal training with the St. Thomas Health Club app. Our comprehensive platform offers the best tools to help you reach your fitness goals, including customized meal plans, tailored workout programs, and easy progress tracking. With features to create and monitor habits, as well as seamless communication with your trainer, our app enhances your journey to success, whether you're training in-person or remotely.

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