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Experience the pinnacle of wellness with our Gold Memberships, where indulgence meets fitness. Elevate your health club journey with exclusive access to a luxurious haven featuring saunas, massage chairs, a movie theatre, and more. Enjoy the convenience of towel service, spacious shower stalls, and your personal full-sized locker. Make every visit a retreat into wellness and luxury—because your well-being deserves the gold standard.


Full-Sized Lockers

The Gold Room features full-sized lockers for members' belongings, symbolizing exclusivity and security. Members can securely store their items throughout their membership, marking their locker with their own lock. These lockers epitomize the club's commitment to providing a safe space within its luxurious confines.

Wet and Dry Sauna's

In the Gold Room, members indulge in the luxury of both wet and dry saunas, each offering a unique relaxation experience. The wet sauna provides detoxification through steam, while the dry sauna offers tranquil heat for relaxation and stress relief.


Spacious Shower Stalls

In the Gold Room, members enjoy spacious shower stalls accompanied by convenient towel service. These luxurious amenities offer both comfort and practicality, allowing members to refresh themselves in style after their activities. The Gold Room ensures that members experience unparalleled comfort and sophistication throughout their visit.

Massage Chairs & Theatre Room

In the Gold Rooms, one room features luxurious massage chairs, offering a serene escape for relaxation and rejuvenation. The other boasts an opulent theater room, providing the ultimate entertainment experience with lavish comfort and style.

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