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Frequently Asked Questions

Please find our most frequently asked questions and the answers to them below.

All prices and/or information subject to change

What are your Hours of Operation?

We are open 24-hours, everyday of the year to all members who have access.

Members without 24-hour access and visitors, our Front Desk hours where staff are available are:

Monday to Thursday: 9:00am to 8:00pm

Friday: 9:00am to 7:00pm

Saturday and Sunday: Closed.

How do I get 24-hour access?

Members can decide to activate 24 hour access on their account for a one time fee of $50 with an insurance waiver form with rules and regulations to be signed. Please DO NOT allow anyone is who is not authorized by the St Thomas Health Club to enter after Front Desk Hours or their will be serious consequences to your membership agreement. Read below to find out how to arrange a guest for a visit.

What to do if my 24 hour access card is not working?

If you're 24 hour access is not working, text (519)-318-1687 for assistance. Please provide them your full name and fob number. They will get back to you asap.

Some possible issues could be: agreement past due/expired, payment owing, signature(s) needed on agreement, or your fob be may damaged. 

The most common issue is to ensure you are holding the access fob correctly at the scaner - allow the door to click and then pull it open. 

We will always do our best to solve any issues as quickly as possible for our members. 

Can I bring a visitor, guest/ non-member?

Absolutely! We welcome members to bring in guests. Text (519)-318-1687, or speak with staff during Front Desk Hours, and we will arrange a waiver to be signed at the front desk. Guest passes are complimentary for first time visits with a member, and $15 each visit after. Staff must be contacted every time and a waiver must be signed on each visit. 

All members who refer us and get new signups are rewarded, make sure your guest let us know your name!

Do you have security cameras?

Yes, our security cameras are live and operate 24/7 for the safety of our members and our facility.

Our security cameras are monitored very frequently, and if there has been a breach of our rules and regulations we will be notified and the appropriate consequences will occur.

Are there any extra fees?

St Thomas Health Club members are subject to small semi annual enhancement fees, as outlined in your membership agreement (older membership agreements are not billed). Enhancement fees are an industry standard fee which is used to improve the facilities equipment, services and programs for the St Thomas Health Club members. Some things are fees are applied to are for general repairs for equipment, building upkeep, steam rooms and saunas, and other electronic upgrades.

Our goal is always to provide our members with the most utmost experience. 

Can I freeze my membership?

We are pleased and proud to offer our members the opportunity to freeze their memberships. Members must come into the health club to make arrangements regrading start and end dates, banking and payment information and additional charges if applicable along with a signature for our financial institution. Please plan ahead to ensure ABC Financial has sufficient time to process these changes before your preferred freeze date begins. Paid in full members do not have additional fees to freeze their membership, however they must still visit the health club to sign documentation about the changes to their agreement.

Can I request something for the gym?

We would love any additional feedback to what we could offer our members to make their experience at the St Thomas Health Club even better. Stop by the Front Desk during Front Desk Hours to speak with staff on any request you may have.

When are Personal Training Sessions available?

Personal Trainers can be booked Monday to Friday from 5am - 7pm, please speak with you trainer for details and to confirm availability.

How do I access the STHC App?

Upon signing up, you should receive an email to the email provided on your agreement of an invite link to the St Thomas Health Clubs' very own app. Click the link provided in the email to download our app and set up you account. 

If for any reason you do not receive the invite email, please speak with staff at the front desk or call (519) 633-8481 to fix this issue.

How can I book the squash court?

You can book our squash court directly through our app at anytime, or by speaking with any staff member once you know the date and time you'd like to book.

How do I cancel my membership agreement?

Cancelling your St Thomas Health Club membership is very simple. Once your agreement term is expired (depending on your membership length) a letter of cancelation must be completed and handed to staff at the St Thomas Health Club as found under the terms of the membership agreement and rules established by the fitness centre. Once we receive your letter of cancelation, the period to process the cancelation is always no later than 30 days.

Cancelation letters must be received by signing a cancelation letter and either mailed to the St Thomas Health Club, or handed to staff.

Cancelations cannot be backdated and we do not issue refunds, please read your membership agreement.

Below is a sample cancelation letter:

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