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Frequently asked questions

All prices and/or information subject to  change

Book a tour :  To book a tour, use our online booking service through our website. Our team is very busy so pre-booking a visit allows us to  give our full attention to each customer. If you pop in, we can not guarantee someone will be available to help you. A Personal Trainer will show you around our facility and answer any questions. And if you'd like they can also assist in helping you pick the perfect personal training program. We do not have sales staff at St. Thomas Health Club so there are no "pressure sales". We always strive to provide the best customer service, so please text or call ahead, so that we can make ourselves available to give you the personal service you deserve.

All of your questions will be answered on your booked tour or check below for additional information.

Hours of operation 

24 hours for members who have the 24-hour access card (including Holidays)

For anyone who does not have 24-hour access and or visitors

Monday to Friday -  9:00 am to 7:00 pm

Saturday - 9:00 am to 1:00 pm

Sunday -  Closed

Holiday hours will be posted on the entrance door

How to get 24-hour access :

Text, or call to speak with staff to arrange for 24-hour access.  There is an annual fee ($50 subject to change) to activate 24-hour access as well as an insurance waiver form and rules and regulations form to be signed. We must make sure all members and the facility are safe and respected. (DO NOT BRING IN ANYONE WHO IS NOT authorized BY THE ST THOMAS HEALTH CLUB) read below on how to arrange for a guest.

If your 24 hour card access is not working :

Text 519-318-1687 for assistance. Let them know your full name. ASAP they will get back to you.

Possible issues: agreement past due; payment owing; signature needed on a document; violation of facility safety rules and/or regulations; the card is damaged, the scanner can not read the code properly ($5 replacement fee); electrical outage; card error  - Most common- Be sure you are holding it correctly at the scanner. Allow the door to click and then pull it open.

We will do our best to solve this matter quickly for you.

Visitors, Guests, Non-members:

If you have invited or told someone about the health club and they are coming to try it out (Membership rewards) They should text 519-318-1687 to arrange their visit. A Waiver form and payment of $15 will apply.  Not for first time guests. (1 free guest pass). Any guest that is visiting a couple times/popping in here and there must sign a waiver each time and pay each time. If it's after hours make arrangements with staff ahead of time.

ALL members who refer us to others (sign ups) get rewarded:) make sure your quest lets us know your name. Thank you for supporting our small business.

Security cameras :

Security cameras are live and operate 24/7. This is for the safety of our members and facility.  By following the rules and regulations laid out by St. Thomas Health Club, members will enjoy a respectful, healthy, and stress free environment for their work outs. Those who do not follow the rules and regulations. If a small fracture has been committed a polite email warning will go out to you.  If a large infraction has been committed your 24 hours  memberships access will be revoked immediately. (possible cancellation of membership)

Customer suggestions or requests :

St. Thomas Health Club is always looking to improve your experience. We are listening.  Ask staff for a request form or write us a note. Leave it at the desk in an envelope with request written on the front of it. Include text, phone or email contact information if you would like a reply.

Members, everyone has signed up at different month and year. We have been a fitness facility since 1997. That means many things have changed many times . Each agreement could be different. So you need to red your agreement and see what it says. 

Questions that  may apply to your legally signed Fitness Membership Agreement :

All members receive their Fitness Membership Agreement, including all details related to the agreement, in an email sent on the date they join St. Thomas Health Club. Check your spam if you cannot see the email. Email from 7145stthomas (health club)

Follow this link  for  a video about how to create your account online.

In this account all members have full access to their membership details. An online account with ABC Financial.

Contact ABC Financial  (toll free # 1-888-827-9262) if you cannot login to your account.  Review the video and your personal information  including your agreement number. No success, text 519 318 1687 and leave your full name and details. St. Thomas Health Club will try to have the situation addressed quickly for you.

Members can login in to ABC Financial and:

Book on-line squash or future events at St. Thomas Health Club

Change banking information, update personal information, print a receipt,  view attendance history

Review important dates and payment obligations including information about Covid restrictions

Make payments -  ABC Financial handles all accounts - not St. Thomas Health Club

 Members are responsible for payment through ABC Financial and must resolve all monetary disputes with this company.  St. Thomas Health Club is bound by privacy policies that do not allow them to intercede on a members' behalf - we cannot call ABC Financial about your banking  or personal information.  In an extreme situation, should a member wish to share a monetary discrepancy with St. Thomas Health Club, then full written documentation about the issue, dated and signed by the member, and sealed in an envelope, may be delivered or mailed to St. Thomas Health Club.  Again, privacy policies and restrictions limit what we are able to do, though we will attempt to look into the situation. 

Membership Freezes  :

St. Thomas Health Club is pleased and proud to offer our members the opportunity to freeze their memberships.  TEXT to arrange this so someone can be ready and available for you 519-318-1687

Members must come into the club to make arrangements regarding start and end dates, banking and payment information, additional charges if applicable, and provide a signature for ABC Financial. 

Plan ahead to ensure ABC Financial has sufficient time to process these changes before your preferred freeze start date. Paid in full members do not have additional fees to freeze their membership however, they must visit St. Thomas Health Club to sign documentation about the changes to their agreement. 

Enhancement Fees:

Health club memberships are subject to a semi annual enhancement fees as outlined in your Fitness Membership Agreement.  NOTE: currently older membership agreements are not billed.  Enhancement fees are an industry standard fee which is used to improve the facilities, services, and programs for  St. Thomas Health Club members. Fees are applied to general repairs for equipment, building upkeep, steam rooms and saunas, upgrading computer technology and 24 hour access, insurance to offer the 24 hr access and safety and security for our members.  Our goal is to provide the most up to date, cost efficient, healthy experience for St. Thomas Health Club members.

Legal terms and conditions to cancel a gym membership from government website:

A Letter for Gym Membership Cancellation must be completed under the terms of the membership agreement and the rules established by the fitness center. A client must submit this document and notify the fitness center of their decision within the period specified in your agreement. This period is usually no later than one month before the agreement expiration date. A Gym Membership Cancellation Letter example  can be found below  Time of 30 days starts once they have the cancellation form.

Cancellation Requests must be received

from you by signing a cancellation letter


or mailed to the

St Thomas Health Club

A minimum notice of 30 business days

before your payment date is needed to

cancel your PAP in a timely manner.

Cancellations cannot be backdated

and we do not issue refunds. please see

your membership agreement

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