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St Thomas Health Club

Since 1997


Text to book a tour 519-318-1687

On-line squash booking available

Athletic Man


St Thomas Health Club

Squash has always been known to be an elite sport.

Harvard & Yale have 19 courts between them

It takes a combination of many skills to play . 

Our success

St Thomas Health Club

We are passionate about what we do.

Every single day we witness and are inspired by our members dedicated improving their health and fitness. The incredible impact that it makes not only to them but everyone around them is immeasurable.

We deliver a service that improves peoples lives 

and with that we play a small part in 

making the world a better place

YOU, our members. our customers and friends allow us to continue to deliver this incredible gift.

our business has grown organically over the past 25 years because you refer us to friends and family .

We thank you for trusting in us .

We thank you for supporting our small business.

By doing this you are making the world a better place.


We strive to help others  Be a better version of themselves.
Strengthen your mind, Challenge your body & never stop learning


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